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We believe investing is for everyone,
at every stage.
Investing for your
family and investing for your community are not mutually exclusive. We combine the two to help you achieve financial independence and create change.

We Address
Financial Picture

We want to be a refuge from an investment industry solely focused on existing assets under management.

For us, it’s about understanding what you want to accomplish and how you want to manifest change.

ESG Investing
& Venture Capital
Life Stage

We build a balanced portfolio.
Just not the traditional balance. 

Liquid and Illiquid – But Sustainable and Impact-Focused 

We build portfolios that work in all markets by combining liquid assets with illiquid, longer-term strategies. This allows a flexible portfolio that can meet short-term needs, while still providing for growth.

Whether liquid or illiquid, all of our investments meet our rigorous criteria.

Liquid ETFs

We use ETFs because they allow us to create customized, growth-oriented portfolios in a manner that is cost effective. They empower us to actively manage the portfolio–taking advantage of market opportunities, reducing risk as needed, and being as tax-efficient as possible.

Venture Capital

Our venture capital investments are California-based. We back high-growth VCs pursuing social and environmental outcomes in the areas of health care, real estate technology, and sustainability. We invest across the life cycle to create a portfolio of both early stage and mature businesses, to give clients the benefits of both.

Real Estate

We advise our clients on real estate investment strategies designed to provide passive income, tax efficiency, and community stability. These include multi-family income properties, owner-occupied commercial properties, and affordable housing LPs.