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Silicon Beach Wealth is built for a
new generation of investors
who believe in balancing
wealth and responsibility.

We Want to Grow with
Our Clients

Our clients are successful, socially conscious professionals, executives, business owners and entrepreneurs.

We know what it’s like to have a busy life. Our goal is to help you simplify by taking the financial planning burden off your shoulders.

We want to be involved at the start of your journey and grow along with you.

Our Clients Are Unique

They Don’t See
Money as “The Goal”

In our interactions with clients, we’ve found that the sole purpose of their work is not simply to accumulate vast wealth and then retire.

They Want a
Purpose-Driven Life

We know our clients want to build meaning in their lives at every stage. Our job is to make that possible, whether it’s taking a sabbatical, launching a business, or giving back.

They are Committed
to a Community

Our clients believe that positive change starts with the people and businesses in their communities. They are locally focused and progressively-minded.